A Symbol of Power and Maturity
A cigar is nothing more than a slim cylinder that consists of tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves and is intended to be lit up and smoked, much like a cigarette but, in essence, completely dissimilar to the traditional smoke. One might wonder how a tiny little thing like a cigar could cause such uproar in the world, causing those in the government to go as far as to banning specific cigars, namely those manufactured in the one of the most well-known countries for the cultivation of tobacco – Cuba.

While Cuban cigars are completely off limits for the residents of the United States, all other kinds of cigars, even cigars from Pittsburgh to New York, are completely legal. This means that there is nothing stopping a person from kicking back in the finest cigar lounge Pittsburgh has to offer and smoking an exceptionally cured, beautifully crafted cigar.

The Smoke Stack offers many different brands of cigars that are available to the average cigar enthusiast, and each of these brands tastes different as compared to the other.  The usual rule of thumb for identifying the flavor of a specific cigar is that cigars with darker wrappers mostly have a noticeable sweetness to their taste, whereas cigars with lighter wrappers tend to taste more arid. Whether you’re new to cigars or a geniune enthusiast, we’re here to help you find the perfect cigar for any occasion. 


There are quite a few different factors that speak to the quality of a cigar. First is the soil that the tobacco a cigar consists of was grown in. Much like wine, the flavor of a cigar can only be as good as the soil that its prime ingredient was grown in. Cuban cigars are considered to be the best cigars on the entire planet because of the homegrown tobacco that they are made of.

Most cigar brands manufacture cigars that have additives added to them, and the substances that are added to a cigar also affect its quality. Another factor that speaks to the quality of a cigar is also a factor that can be used to determine the quality of a bottle of wine – its age. The older a cigar is, the better it is known to taste. Last on the list is the method of production used to create a cigar. 

While inexperienced cigar smokers cannot tell the difference, veteran smokers have brought to light the fact that handmade cigars tend to be of a much finer quality than machine-made cigars that are produced in bulk.From the time of kingdoms to the time of governments, cigars have been smoked by the ‘One Percent’ of the world, so much so that they have become symbols of wealth, power, superiority and maturity. In addition, it was not until recently that women started smoking cigars, which means that cigar smoking was exclusive to men for most of history. Cigars are associated with those who have wealth and those who are in power so much that they are naturally expected to have exquisite taste in tobacco. In addition, the fact that cigars are associated with the rich and powerful might definitely have something to do with why the best cigars easily have higher price tags.

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