The Premiere Alternative to Traditional Smokes

E-Cigarettes are devices that are shaped just like a cigarette but are larger in size than the traditional smoke. While the primary ingredient in a cigarette is tobacco, E-Cigarettes go for a substance that is (presumably) healthier – nicotine. E-Cigarettes do not involve any fire, ash, smoky smells or a burnt vegetation. Instead, E-Cigarette’s simply heat the liquid inside its cartridge into a vapor which the user inhales. E-Cigarettes are composed of a pretty simple mechanism, consisting of a battery, a heating element, and a cartridge that houses the liquid nicotine and other liquid flavor and additives. Want the best quality of e-cigarette Pittsburgh has to offer? Look no further than The Smoke Stack!

Apart from tobacco, E-Cigarettes also do not contain any of the other harmful substances that traditional cigarettes do, such as carbon dioxide and tar. As the user inhales the mist or vapor, the other end of an E-Cigarette gets lit up, much like a traditional cigarette. The use of an E-Cigarette has also been termed ‘vaping’. A person ‘vapes’ when they inhale the vapor from an E-Cigarette and exhale a small cloud of mist that is completely different from the smoke a person exhales when they smoke a tobacco cigarette, even though they are quite similar in appearance.

The E-Cigarette Pittsburgh scene is up and coming. Around the globe they are being hailed as the groundbreaking new alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, what the world wants to know is whether or not E-Cigarettes actually are safer than normal cigarettes. The use of E-Cigarettes has spread throughout the world like wildfire, with vaping as early as 2011. Well, the truth of the matter is that, because of the fact that they have become notoriously popular all over the world in such a small amount of time, research on both the positive and adverse effects of E-Cigarettes and on E-Cigarettes themselves is lagging behind quite a bit.

The era of E-Cigarettes has started to dawn and the E-Cigarette industry has flourished into a global billion dollar industry that is still growing steadily. However, even though that is so, the science side of the world does not have a lot to say about an average E-Cigarette Pittsburgh would provide you.

While there have not been many tests on the chemical composition of the vapor that E-Cigarettes produce, the tests that have been conducted conclude that E-Cigarettes only give off a small fraction of the harmful chemicals that a cigarette produces. However, it should be noted that the chemical composition of its vapor varies from one vaporizer to the other.


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